Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments
AS9607 BroadBand Tower Japan Tokyo
AS4635 HKIX / HKIX2 Hong Kong Shatin Hong Kong Internet eXchange
AS378 ILAN Israel Ramat Aviv
AS9498 MantraOnLine (Bharti Infotel Ltd.) India New Delhi
AS7717 OpenIX Indonesia Jakarta National InterConnection Exchange
AS9370 Sakura Internet Japan
AS9371 Sakura Internet Japan
AS3462 TWIX Taiwan Taipei Taiwan IX
AS9831 Unigate Taiwan Taipei
AS31166 Armenia Yerevan


Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments

Australia and Oceania

Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments
AS2764 AAPT Australia Richmond
AS9560 APE-IX New Zealand Auckland Auckland Peering Exchange. Uses external LG.
AS7474 Optus Australia North Sydney
AS9722 PIPE Networks Australia Brisbane
AS9837 Powertel Australia Sydney
AS9443 Primus Telecommunications Australia Australia Many links to other LGs
AS18221 TSN Internet Australia Port Macquarie, Midnorth coast
AS9439 WIX New Zealand Wellington Wellington Internet eXchange


Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments
AS12958 Alaris, MCC Russian Federation Moscow Skylink
AS25409 Alsys Data SRL Romania Bucharest
AS8315 Argeweb Netherlands
AS31353 ArtComs Russian Federation St.-Petersburg
AS21353 ArtComs Russian Federation
AS20657 Atlantis Bulgaria Sofia
AS15694 ATMAN Poland Warsaw
AS553 BelWue Germany Stuttgart
AS12859 BIT Netherlands
AS13194 Bite GSM & Internet services Lithuania Vilnius
AS13194 Bite GSM & Internet services Lithuania Vilnius
AS12303 BIX Hungary Budapest Budapest Internet eXchange
AS5400 BT Global Services United Kingdom European BackBone
AS8903 BT Spain Spain Madrid
AS8866 Btc-Net Bulgaria Sofia
AS12867 Bulgaria Online Bulgaria Sofia
AS12859 Business Internet Trends Netherlands + 3 Juniper routers
AS15756 Caravan Russian Federation Moscow
AS16143 CCS/Ratel Russian Federation Moscow
AS21017 CenterTelecom Voronezh Russian Federation Voronezh
AS513 CERN Switzerland Geneva European Organization for Nuclear Research
AS24750 CISBG (Cable Internet Systems Ltd.) Bulgaria Sofia
AS8196 Claranet Germany Munich Frankfurt,...
AS9120 Cohaesio A/S Denmark Lyngby
AS15497 Colocall Ukraine Kiev
AS8283 Coloclue Netherlands
AS12670 Completel France Nanterre
AS34300 Cosmos Internet Russian Federation Moscow
AS8515 DataForce Russian Federation Moscow
AS12814 Davidov Net Bulgaria Sofia
AS6695 DE-CIX Germany Frankfurt DE-CIX, the German Internet Exchange
AS2578 Demos Russian Federation Moscow
AS3320 Deutsche Telekom Germany Nuernberg
AS24992 DIC-Online Austria Innsbruck, Vienna
AS12933 Doris Ukraine Donetsk Donbass Internet eXchange
AS29266 DR Denmark not workable
AS4589 Easynet United Kingdom Europe connections
AS9033 ECIX - European Commercial Internet Exchange Germany Berlin
AS2820 Elvis Telecom Russian Federation Moscow
AS8258 ELVisti Ukraine Kiev
AS2110 EsatBT Ireland Dublin
AS6895 EspanIX Spain Madrid Neutral Interconect Exchange for Spain
AS15800 EUNIC-IX Ukraine Donetsk Donetsk Internet eXchange, VERY small bgp table
AS20685 EUROCOM Plovdiv Ltd Bulgaria Plovdiv
AS5390 EuroNet Netherlands Amsterdam
AS35320 EuroTransTelecom Ukraine
AS6663 EuroWeb Romania Bucharest
AS28968 EUT Russian Federation Moscow
AS15389 Faroese Telecom Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
AS28917 Fiord Russian Federation Moscow
AS1741 Funet Finland Espoo Slow
AS20766 Gitoyen France Paris Gitoyen network at Telehouse2
AS5537 Russian Federation Moscow
AS5408 GRNet Greece Athens
AS12897 HEAG MediaNet GmbH Germany Darmstadt
AS1213 HEAnet Ireland Dublin Irelands National Education and Research Network
AS13115 Home of the Brave Germany Frankfurt
AS1955 HungarNet Hungary Budapest Hungarian Academic and Research Network
AS8890 ICM UW Poland Warsawa + AS15396, AS8664.
AS5429 IIP-Net Russian Federation Moscow + AS20816
AS6772 Improware AG Switzerland Basel bgp not active at first router
AS13030 Init Seven AG Switzerland Zurich
AS39107 Interlan Allied Networks Romania AS35267, AS31554, AS38913 included
AS24586 Intermax Netherlands
AS34501 Internet Security Systems, RO Romania Bucharest Plus some external LGs. Not fully workable.
AS33843 Interscholz Net Germany Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Leonberg
AS8758 InterWay Switzerland Zurich
AS6886 INTS Ukraine Donetsk
AS8851 InWeb United Kingdom Egham
AS20932 IP-MAN/SIG Switzerland Zuerich
AS25308 ISP CityLanCom Russian Federation Moscow
AS24875 ISP Services BV Netherlands Doetinchem
AS31669 IT Solid Solutions Belgium
AS768 JANET United Kingdom London Some routers with private as num.
AS15435 KAIW Netwerken Netherlands Naaldwijk CAIW Autonomous System
AS3344 United Kingdom Shropshire
AS28681 KhmelnitskINFOCOM Ukraine Khmelnitsk
AS25500 KPI-Telecom Ukraine National Technical University of Ukraine
AS286 KPN/Qwest Netherlands KPN Eurorings
AS33991 KR-IX Russian Federation Krasnoyarsk
AS16265 LeaseWeb Netherlands Schiphol-Rijk
AS15605 Lina.Net Iciland Reykjavik
AS5459 LINX United Kingdom London One more link
AS21238 LIPEX United Kingdom London London Internet Provider eXchange
AS8262 Lirex BG Ltd Bulgaria Sophia look here for more LG's
AS8330 LoNAP United Kingdom London Neutral not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point based in London
AS12902 Netherlands Rotterdam
AS24971 Master Internet Czech Republic Brno
AS25532 Masterhost Russian Federation Moscow
AS34688 Maverick Poland
AS24995 MIK Telecom Ukraine Kiev
AS5467 MIPT Russian Federation Moscow Moscow Institute for Phisics and Technology
AS21230 MNet Bulgaria Varna Plus some external routers
AS8631 MSK-IX Russian Federation Moscow Moscow Internet eXchange
AS8359 MTU, TochkaRU Russian Federation Moscow
AS21392 Munt Internet Netherlands
AS24796 NAMEX Italy Roma Nautilus Mediterranian Exchange Point
AS6802 National Educational and Research Information Network Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia Institute for Parallel Processing
AS28809 NaukaNet Russian Federation Moscow
AS13121 NAVIGATOR Ukraine Kiev
AS25459 NedZone Netherlands Steenbergen
AS5418 NerdCentral Netherlands Amsterdam
AS13193 Nerim France Paris
AS29632 NetAssist Ukraine Kiev
AS8422 NetCologne Germany Cologne
AS34224 Neterra Bulgaria Sofia
AS15968 NetPilot Germany Muenchen Use EAST router for Full BGP table
AS39737 NetVision Telecom Romania
AS44706 Network Design GmbH Switzerland
AS21083 NIX Germany Nuernberg Nuernberg Internet Exchange
AS2603 NORDUnet Sweden external link for ipv6
AS2603 NORDUnet Sweden external link for ipv4
AS12969 OG Vodafone Netherlands Reikjavik
AS5491 OlssonDorNet Denmark an oldest LG
AS2854 Orange Business Services Russia LG Russian Federation Moscow
AS31323 Oyster Russian Federation St.-Petersburg, Moscow Delicious telecom
AS6661 P&T Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
AS33868 Perfekt Net Poland
AS35422 Peterstar Russian Federation St.-Petersburg
AS8545 PL-IX Poland
AS5388 Planet Online United Kingdom Leeds UK Backbone Network
AS13284 Play Net Italy Firenze
AS34209 PLIX Poland Warszawa
AS31083 PowerNet.BG Bulgaria Bankya
AS21142 PragoNET Czech Republic Prague
AS29686 Probe Networks Germany Frankfurt
AS21155 ProServe B.V. Netherlands Alblasserdam
AS1930 RCCN Portugal Portuguese Academic and Research Network
AS766 RedIRIS Spain Madrid Spanish National R&D Network
AS2118 RELCOM Russian Federation Moscow
AS9199 RENAM Association Moldova, Republic Of Chisinau
AS25462 ReTN Russian Federation Saint-Petersburg
AS15474 RHnet Iciland Reykjavik Iceland University Research Network
AS8331 RINET Russian Federation Moscow
AS3333 RIPE NCC Netherlands Amsterdam 14 LGs at IXs's
AS20530 RoNIX Romania
AS8342 RTComm.RU Russian Federation Moscow
AS3343 RUNNET Russian Federation Saint-Petersburg
AS3277 RUSnet Russian Federation Saint-Petersburg
AS21131 Sacura Telecom Ukraine Chernivtsy funny bgp table
AS29587 Schedom VOF Europe Belgium Brussels
AS6762 Seabone Sparkle Italy TransAtlantic - about 60 LGs in EEC and USA
AS8508 Silesian University of Technology Poland Gliwice
AS15744 Silesian University of Technology Poland Gliwice Duplicated
AS6677 Siminn Iciland
AS2607 SIX Slovakia Bratislava Slovak Internet Exchange, small bgp table
AS24743 Snerpa Iciland Isafjordur
AS9044 SolNet Switzerland Zuchwil only external sites workable
AS8717 Spectrum Net Bulgaria Sofia
AS8717 SPNET Bulgaria Sofia
AS20956 SSi.BG Bulgaria Varna Strange
AS1653 SUNET Sweden Stikholm Swedish university network
AS6730 Sunrise Switzerland Zurich + some external LGs
AS8582 Support Net Netherlands Amsterdam Collection of lookinglasses
AS12530 Svit On-Line Ukraine Kiev GoldenTelecom-UA (+Dnepr, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov)
AS20612 SwissIX Switzerland Zuerich Swiss Internet eXchange
AS559 SWITCH Switzerland Zurich
AS559 SWITCH Switzerland
AS5377 Taide Norway Holmestrand
AS3292 TDC Denmark Tranbjerg
AS12294 Technological Systems JV Ukraine Kiev Kiev, Leontovicha 9
AS16154 Telecoms.BG Bulgaria Varna
AS8400 Telekom Srbija Czech Republic Belgrade
AS15785 Teleport SV Ukraine Kharkov
AS42833 TeleSweet ISP Ukraine Sumy
AS3308 Telia Denmark Sweden Haninge
AS24748 THINX Poland Warsaw
AS20640 TITAN Networks Germany Hofheim am Taunus
AS8235 TIX - Zurich Switzerland Zurich TIX Telehouse Zurich Internet Exchange
AS25309 TOP-IX Italy Torino TOrino Piemonte Exchange Point
AS5617 TP Net Poland Warszawa
AS8390 TPN Bulgaria Sofia
AS34806 Trance Nation Belgium Very poor
AS20485 TransTeleCom Russian Federation Moscow
AS12294 TSUA Looking Glass Ukraine Kiev
AS15645 UA-IX Ukraine Kiev Ukrainian Internet eXchange
AS3255 UARNet Ukraine Lviv
AS12883 Ucomline Ukraine Odessa
AS12593 UkrHub Ukraine Kiev Plus some external links
AS12369 UkrSat Ukraine Kiev
AS28788 Unilogic Networks B.V. Netherlands Amsterdam
AS24770 UnixSol Bulgaria Sofia
AS8493 Urbanet Switzerland Zurich
AS1120 VIX Austria Vienna Vienna Internet eXchange
AS15772 Wnet Ukraine Kiev
AS20555 WSISiZ Poland Warszawa
AS21127 Zap-Sib Transtelecom Russian Federation Novosibirsk
AS9202 ZaporozhSviazService Ukraine Zaporozhye

North America

Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments
AS6461 AboveNet United States Of America Intercontinental
AS11608 Accretive Networks United States Of America Seattle
AS20080 AMPATH United States Of America Miami
AS6539 CANARIE Canada Ottawa A Bell Canada Division
AS19214 Centauri Communications United States Of America San Francisco
AS4544 Conxion United States Of America 9 LGs in USA and Europe + AS5060
AS11260 EastLink Canada Halifax Plus many external routers
AS30653 Exobit Networks United States Of America
AS26914 GNi (Global Netoptex, Inc.) United States Of America San Jose Some unworkable hosts
AS13645 Host.Net (BroadONE) United States Of America Boca Raton
AS6939 Hurricane Electric United States Of America VA, CA, NY
AS10248 Internet Partners, Inc. United States Of America Beaverton
AS22691 ISPnet, Inc. United States Of America New York
AS6435 LavaNet United States Of America Honolulu
AS2572 Missouri Research and Education Network United States Of America Columbia
AS8001 Net Access United States Of America
AS5056 netINS United States Of America Des Moines
AS5006 Onvoy, Zayo Managed Sevices United States Of America Plymouth Zayo
AS6373 Opus One United States Of America Tucson Arizona
AS2493 Rogers Telecom Inc. United States Of America Toronto plus some international LGs
AS23504 Speakeasy United States Of America
AS852 Telus United States Of America Eastern Region
AS6315 XMission United States Of America Salt Lake City
AS5725 XO Communications United States Of America

South America

Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments
AS16397 .comDominio Data Centers Brazil Sao Paulo
AS11058 CABASE Argintina Montevideo
AS14259 GTD Internet Chile Santiago
AS19228 Pit Entel Chile
AS1916 RNP Brazil Rio de Janeiro
AS1916 RNP Brazil Rio de Janeiro one more link
AS19338 Telmex Chile Chile Santiago


Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments
AS1273 Cable&Wireless Multiple Click at Looking Glass at left column - script protection
AS8426 ClaraNet Multiple
AS3327 Data Telecom Multiple 77LGs around the World
AS6667 EUnet Finland Multiple 10 LGs EEC + NY
AS20965 GEANT2 Multiple Cambridge (and all EUR) European Backbone
AS3356 Level3 Multiple International backbone
AS16422 New Skies Satellite USA Multiple New Skies Satellites global network
AS3856 Packet Clearing House Multiple
AS208 Qwest Multiple about 25 cities QUEST international backbone
AS3561 SAVVIS Multiple
AS1239 Sprint Multiple some strange (SprintLink)
AS6453 TATA Communications Multiple
AS1299 TeliaSonera Multiple WorlWide TeliaSonera network
AS3257 Tiscali Multiple