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Lookin'Bot: Telegram BGP lookinglass bot

Real BGP table Telegram Bot with some network utilities


Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments ERR
AS9498 Airtel India New Delhi 404
AS9498 AIRTEL India 404
AS132425 APC Hosting Pte Ltd Singapore APC Hosting Pte Ltd 404
AS10204 Arcnet Malaysia 404
AS132602 Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) Bangladesh BSCCL 404
AS58656 bdHUB Limited Bangladesh as58656.net 404
AS63528 BKNIX Thailand Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange 404
AS63529 BKNIX Thailand BKNIX RS 404
AS9607 BroadBand Tower Japan Tokyo 404
AS29049 Delta Telecom Ltd Azerbaijan 404
AS18046 DongFong Technology Co. Ltd. Taiwan DFT(AS18046) 404
AS8449 ElCat Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 404
AS8966 Etisalat EmIX United Arab Emirates Dubai 404
AS2518 FullRoute Japan Tokyo 404
AS9304 HGC (Hutchison Global Communications) Hong Kong Tsing Yi 404
AS4635 HKIX / HKIX2 Hong Kong Shatin Hong Kong Internet eXchange 404
AS49544 i3D.net Japan i3D Interactive 3D AS49544.net 404
AS378 ILAN Israel Ramat Aviv1 Israel Internet-2 bgp looking glass

Thanks to Hank for this link.
AS7597 Indonesia Internet eXchange Indonesia Jakarta 404
AS378 IUCC Israel Tel Aviv Inter-University Computation Center 404
AS45224 Lanka Bell Limited Sri Lanka 404
AS58682 Level3 Carrier Limited Bangladesh 404
AS4800 Lintasarta Indonesia Jakarta 404
AS24514 Malaysian Research Education Network (MYREN) Malaysia MYREN 404
AS24029 National Internet Exchange of India India 404
AS136750 Nato Laboratory Inc. Japan 404
AS46047 Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya Indonesia POLSRI 404
AS135484 PT. Bentang Selaras Teknologi Indonesia BESTNET 404
AS62402 Qatar National Research and Education Network Qatar QNREN 404
AS63927 RISE Philippenes Manila 404
AS7712 Sabay Digital (Cambodia) Cambodia 404
AS7602 Saigon Postel Corp. Viet Nam SPT Corp. 404
AS9370 Sakura Internet Japan 404
AS9371 Sakura Internet Japan 404
AS9370 Sakura Internet IPv6 Japan Three bgp looking glass links from one provider. 404
AS24482 SG.GS Singapore HostSG 404
AS9583 Sify Ltd. India Chennai 404
AS55518 Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX) Singapore SGIX 404
AS7473 SINGTEL Singapore Singapore 404
AS56549 State Technical Service KZ Kazakhstan 404
AS38082 TIG (True International Gateway) Thailand Bangkok 404
AS38040 TOT International Internet Gateway Thailand TOT Public Company Limited 404
AS10133 TPIX (Taipei IX) China Taipei 404
AS8932 Ucom Armenia Erevan 404
AS44395 UCOM LLC Armenia U!COM LLC 404
AS46044 Universitas Padjadjaran Indonesia UNPAD 404
AS38726 VTC DIGICOM Co., Ltd Viet Nam VTC DIGICOM 404


Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments ERR
AS37282 1 MainOne Cable Company Nigeria MainOne 404
AS37468 Angola Cables Angola Luanda 404
AS327788 Angonix Angola Luanda 404
AS327698 Broadband Infraco South Africa BBI 404
AS37663 CINX South Africa Capetown Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) of South Africa 404
AS37668 DINX South Africa Durban Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) of South Africa 404
AS36932 Internet eXchange Point of Nigeria Ltd. Nigeria IXPN 404
AS37474 JINX South Africa Johannesburg Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) of South Africa 404
AS37449 Onlime Sierra Leone Freetown Our fist link to the BGP Looking Glass in Africa with full table!

Thanks to Radoslav Kozul for this link.
AS327911 PowerCloud SP (Pty) Ltd South Africa PowerCloud 404
AS37100 SEACOM Limited Kenya SEACOM 404
AS36994 Vodacom (Pty) Ltd South Africa 404
AS37271 Workonline Communications (Pty) Ltd South Africa Workonline Communications 404

Australia and Oceania

Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments ERR
AS2764 AAPT Australia Richmond 404
AS15169 AARnet Australia AARNet is the Australian national research and education network that interconnects with the global network of national research and education networks (NRENs). 404
AS7575 AARNet Australia APL 404
AS58511 Anycast (Connectivity I.T.) Australia 404
AS9560 APE-IX New Zealand Auckland Auckland Peering Exchange 404
AS17551 DCSI Australia DCS Internet 404
AS45177 Devoli New Zealand Auckland 404
AS7600 EscapeNet Australia Melbourne 404
AS38883 FireNet Australia 404
AS4851 Host Networks Datacenter Australia Brisbane 404
AS135610 HostLink Australia 404
AS45186 IamaGeekNZ Australia 404
AS4739 iiNet Australia Also AS4802 404
AS58941 Megaport Australia 404
AS58942 Megaport Australia 404
AS58943 Megaport Australia 404
AS63832 Megaport Australia 404
AS63839 Megaport Australia 404
AS64216 Megaport Australia 404
AS64219 Megaport Australia 404
AS64220 Megaport Australia 404
AS64222 Megaport Australia 404
AS60800 Netwise Hosting Ltd Australia Netwise 404
AS9650 NZIX New Zealand Wellington 404
AS132394 OpusV Australia MikeIT 404
AS9268 Over the Wire Australia Spring Hill 404
AS7543 Pacific Internet Australia Australia Melbourne Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. 404
AS9722 PIPE Networks Australia Brisbane 404
AS24130 PIPE Networks Australia 9722 18398 23741 23745 17999 9894 (IX Services) 404
AS9837 Powertel Australia Sydney 404
AS9443 Primus Telecommunications Australia Australia Sydney 404
AS45437 Real World Technology Solutions Pty Ltd Australia 404
AS24473 Sanity Technology Australia 404
AS38195 Superloop Australia APEXn 404
AS7475 The University of Queensland Australia Brisbane 404
AS24436 The University of Queensland Australia Brisbane 404
AS7545 TPG Telecom Australia Soul Communications, Pipe Networks, Intrapower 404
AS10223 UECOMM Australia Richmond 404
AS24516 Virtutel Pty Ltd Australia 404
AS4826 VOCUS Communication Australia Sydney 404
AS9439 WIX New Zealand Wellington Wellington Internet eXchange 404
AS7604 ZettaGrid Australia Perth 404


Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments ERR
AS51088 A2B Internet Netherlands A2B Internet 404
AS51603 ACME Internet Ltd United Kingdom Spilsby Internet Solutions and TxRx Communications Ltd 404
AS1853 ACONet Austria Wien 404
AS197790 Actus - Info Sp. z o.o. Poland Actus 404
AS35699 Adamo Telecom Iberia S.A Spain 404
AS15716 Adfinis SyGroup AG Switzerland 404
AS51930 Air Express Ukraine Zhitomir 404
AS42227 Airwire Ireland 404
AS8732 Akado Russian Federation Moscow Comcor 404
AS25409 Alsys Data SRL Romania Bucharest 404
AS60362 alwaysdata France 404
AS1200 Amsterdam Internet Exchange BV Netherlands AMS-IX 404
AS61283 Andrew Millar Ltd United Kingdom 404
AS44583 Andrexen France 404
AS42388 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH Austria 404
AS42473 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH Austria Anexia World Wide Cloud 404
AS34554 Antares Kommunikationstechnik AG (antanet.ch) Switzerland 404
AS49420 APLITT Sp. z o.o. Poland APLITT S.A. / TF SKOK S.A./ HS / HSO / HANDSO 404
AS41138 APLIX Poland Aplitt IX 404
AS39431 ArgoCom Ltd. Ukraine ACOM 404
AS8893 ArtFiles Germany Hamburg 404
AS44574 AS44574 Networks Limited United Kingdom 404
AS28929 ASDASD Italy Venezia 404
AS51083 Association Grenode France Grenode 404
AS41882 Association RomandIX Switzerland RomandIX 404
AS199396 Association SamesWireless France 404
AS197422 Association tetaneutral.net France 404
AS20657 Atlantis Bulgaria Sofia Right column 404
AS15694 ATMAN Poland Warsaw 404
AS24724 ATMAN Poland 404
AS8455 Atom86 Netherlands Schiphol-Rijk 404
AS41075 ATW Internet Kft. Hungary 404
AS203433 AuverNET France Auvergne Wireless 404
AS201376 AuvernIX France 404
AS31059 Avelacom Russian Federation AS-AVELACOM, AS-AVELACOM6 404
AS31167 Axione France 404
AS20751 AZISTA GmbH Austria AZISTA - we azist! your business 404
AS25369 Bandwidth Technologies Ltd United Kingdom Bandwidth 404
AS8402 Beeline (Corbina) Russian Federation 404
AS553 BelWue Germany Stuttgart 404
AS202945 Benjamin Collet France AltNet 404
AS48972 BetterBe B.V. Netherlands 404
AS12859 BIT (Business Internet Trends) Netherlands 404
AS13194 Bite GSM & Internet services Lithuania Vilnius 404
AS12303 BIX Hungary Budapest Budapest Internet eXchange 404
AS15669 BIX.BG Ltd Bulgaria BIX.BG 404
AS64476 Blade France Blade Shadow is the first high-performance computer based in the cloud. 404
AS50304 Blix Solutions AS Netherlands BLIX 404
AS202114 Blue Sky Systems Limited United Kingdom 404
AS34803 Broadband Gibraltar Ltd Gibraltar Sapphire Networks 404
AS5400 BT Global Services United Kingdom Router in Austria is not working, check another one. European BackBone. 404
AS35425 Bytemark Limited United Kingdom Bytemark Hosting 404
AS205523 C?dric Rossius France Servperso-Systems 404
AS21351 Canal+ Telecom France Mediaserv 404
AS15756 Caravan Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS65456 CATNIX Spain Barcelona

Thanks to Maria Isabel Gandia for this link.
AS29488 ccn corporate communication networks GmbH Germany ccn 404
AS58127 Cdnbt Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Hizmetleri Limited Sirketi Turkey CDN TELEKOM 404
AS196957 Center of Information Technologies Kharkiv Online Ukraine Kharkiv Online 404
AS51918 Cerberus Network United Kingdom Middlesex 404
AS513 CERN Switzerland Geneva European Organization for Nuclear Research. SLOW! 404
AS202613 Cesar Maffini Martin United Kingdom Startnix Europe IP Network 404
AS13041 CESCA Spain Barcelona 404
AS42695 City Network Hosting AB Sweden City Network, City Cloud, Fragnet 404
AS25308 CityLan Russian Federation Moscow

Thanks to Grinkin for this link.
AS8426 ClaraNET Euro France 404
AS41103 ClearIP United Kingdom 404
AS44020 CLN Russian Federation AS-CLN 404
AS8615 CNT (Central Telegraph) Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS41028 CobraNET SRL Romania CobraNET 404
AS8220 COLT Technology Services Group Limited United Kingdom Colt 404
AS56534 Comfortel Russian Federation 404
AS8657 Companhia Portuguesa Radio Marconi Portugal Lisboa 404
AS12670 Completel France Nanterre 404
AS35348 Computer Wired SRL Romania COMPUTER Wired SRL 404
AS28838 conova communications GmbH Austria Salzburg Internet Exchange 404
AS34867 Cosmonova LLC Ukraine 404
AS5507 Council of Hungarian Internet Providers Hungary Internet Szolg?ltat?k Tan?csa 404
AS28761 CrimeaCom Russian Federation Simferopol 404
AS50300 CustodianDC LTD. United Kingdom CustodianDC LTD. 404
AS15623 Cyberlink AG Switzerland 404
AS50952 DATA-IX Russian Federation 404
AS62387 datafabrik.de Germany 404
AS8515 DataForce Russian Federation Moscow Check both routers. 404
AS21219 Datagroup PJSC Ukraine 404
AS3326 Datagroup PJSC Ukraine Blinking Megabit 404
AS56740 DataHata Belarus Minsk 404
AS49063 DataLine Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS35297 Dataline LLC Ukraine DATALINE NET 404
AS47748 Daticum Bulgaria Daticum JSC 404
AS6695 DE-CIX Germany Frankfurt DE-CIX, the German Internet Exchange 404
AS20715 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany 404
AS20717 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany 404
AS43252 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany 404
AS47228 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany 404
AS48793 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany 404
AS56890 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany 404
AS62499 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany DE-CIX North America Inc. 404
AS63034 DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany DE-CIX North America Inc 404
AS61081 Defaultroute Limited United Kingdom 404
AS3320 Deutsche Telekom Germany Nuernberg 404
AS680 DFN/WiN Germany Stuttgart Looking glass of German National Research and Education Network. 404
AS12695 DI-NET Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS24992 DIC-Online Austria Innsbruck, Vienna 404
AS49605 Digital Telecommunication Services S.r.l. Italy IVO 404
AS49909 DirectOne Romania 404
AS43376 DOTRO Telecom Romania DOTRO 404
AS15614 Dragon Internet a.s. Czech Republic 404
AS31210 dtel-ix Ukraine Kiev 404
AS8879 DTS Systeme Germany Herford 404
AS12437 DTS Systeme Germany Herford 404
AS43421 DTS Systeme Germany Herford 404
AS30941 DTS Systeme Germany Herford 404
AS51000 DTS Systeme Germany Crisplant 404
AS34655 Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg Docler Holding, DoclerWeb, Docler Networks, Jasmin Media Group 404
AS199571 EASTER-EGGS SARL France 404
AS4589 Easynet United Kingdom Europe connections 404
AS9033 ECIX - European Commercial Internet Exchange Germany Berlin host not found CONTACT 404
AS8304 ECRITEL France Paris 404
AS198435 EDX Network France 404
AS51942 EK-Media B.V. Netherlands EK-Media B.V. 404
AS20597 ELTEL Russian Federation St.-Petersburg 404
AS8468 Entanet United Kingdom Stafford 404
AS56931 Eurasia Peering LLC United Kingdom Eurasia Peering IX 404
AS28968 Eurasia Telecom Russian Federation Moscow, St.-Petersburg 404
AS6768 Eurotel Ukraine Kiev 404
AS35320 EuroTransTelecom Ukraine 404
AS57665 EVIO Polska Sp. z o.o. Poland 404
AS9145 EWETel Germany Frankfurt am Main 404
AS21013 eww ag / ITandTEL Austria ITANDTEL 404
AS35266 EX Networks Limited (EXN) United Kingdom EXN 404
AS57497 Faraso Samaneh Pasargad Ltd. Netherlands 404
AS56704 Farice ehf. Iciland IS1NET 404
AS38930 Fiberring United Kingdom 404
AS29076 Filanco (City Telecom) Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS12316 Finanz Informatik Technologie Service GmbH Germany Haar 404
AS28917 Fiord Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS21453 Flex Ltd. Russian Federation 404
AS13273 France Teaser France Courbevoie 404
AS51706 France-IX France FranceIX 404
AS196621 FreeStone Systems Switzerland 404
AS15377 Fregat Ukraine Fregat LLC 404
AS49009 Freifunk Hamburg Germany 404
AS206313 Freifunk Nordwest e.V. Germany 404
AS39405 FullSave France 404
AS204136 FuslVZ Ltd. Germany 404
AS199524 G-Core Labs S.A. Germany GCORE, GCDN 404
AS197588 G-Net T. Serwatka, W. Rakoniewski s.j. Poland Multiplay Sp. z o.o. S.K. 404
AS28855 GalacSYS France 404
AS12615 GCN Bulgaria 404
AS21232 GGA Maur Switzerland 404
AS60876 Gigabit ApS Netherlands 404
AS15412 Global Cloud Xchange (f.k.a. FLAG Telecom) United Kingdom FLAG Telecom, Reliance Globalcom 404
AS31500 GlobalNet Russian Federation St.-Petersburg 404
AS30733 Globus-Telecom Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS48374 gobler.net Denmark 404
AS202032 GOLINE SA Switzerland GOLINE SA - IT Services 404
AS1836 GREEN.CH Switzerland Lupfig 404
AS5408 GRNet Greece Athens 404
AS42739 HAWE Telekom Poland 404
AS1955 HBONE+ Hungary Budapest Hungarian Academic and Research Network 404
AS1213 HEAnet Ireland Dublin Irelands National Education and Research Network 404
AS1213 HEAnet Ireland Dublin Irelands National Education and Research Network 404
AS34572 HELIANTIS SAS France 404
AS39326 HighSpeed Office Limited United Kingdom hSo (HighSpeed Office) / Goscomb Tech 404
AS39537 Hns United Kingdom Bristol, Cardiff 404
AS44896 Horyzont Technologie Internetowe sp.z.o.o. Poland 404
AS133229 Host Palace Internet Services Netherlands Amsterdam 404
AS31240 Hosting Telesystems (HTS) Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS57043 HOSTKEY B.V. Netherlands HOSTKEY 404
AS198651 HOSTLINE, UAB Lithuania 404
AS29203 House Information Technology Ltd. Ukraine BIT 404
AS31240 HT-Systems Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS39279 I.S. Centrul de Telecomunicatii Speciale Moldova, Republic Of CTS 404
AS39637 I4-Networks Netherlands ADES / NetLogics 404
AS25577 IDE Group United Kingdom IDE Group (Formerly CORETX, C4L) 404
AS12931 IDKOM Networks GmbH Germany SpeedKom 404
AS201020 ilario sp. z o.o. Poland 404
AS42953 INEX Ireland Dublin INEX is the internet peering point for the island of Ireland 404
AS42953 INEX Ireland Dublin INEX is the internet peering point for the island of Ireland 404
AS43760 INEX Ireland 404
AS2128 INEX IXP Ireland Dublin INEX is the internet peering point for the island of Ireland 404
AS56727 Information Networks Ltd. Russian Federation HSDN 404
AS13030 Init Seven AG Switzerland Zurich 404
AS49813 Innova Distribution LLC Russian Federation INNOVA 404
AS62040 InTelCom Russian Federation Rostov-on-Don 404
AS25386 Inter-Telecom LLC Ukraine Cyfra 404
AS201953 INTERKA S.C. Tomasz Gawin, Tomasz Respondek Poland 404
AS34043 Internet Security Systems, RO Romania Bucharest Contains some external LG scripts. Some may be unavailable. 404
AS25424 INTERNEXT 2000 Czech Republic Inext 404
AS8928 Interoute United Kingdom 404
AS8928 Interoute Czech Republic Prague 404
AS33843 Interscholz Net Germany Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Leonberg 404
AS8758 InterWay Switzerland Zurich 404
AS6886 INTS Ukraine Donetsk 404
AS12301 INVITEL Hungary Budapest 404
AS31138 IP-Telecom (GW-Proekt) Russian Federation Uljanovsk 404
AS41095 IPTP Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS47232 ISP Alliance a.s. Czech Republic AS-ISPALLIANCE-CZ 404
AS25308 ISP CityLanCom Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS12779 ITGate Network Italy Turin 404
AS12779 ITGate Network Italy Turin 404
AS13249 ITSystems Ukraine Kiev 404
AS57629 IVI Russian Federation 404
AS786 JANET United Kingdom Bristol 404
AS768 JANET United Kingdom London Some routers with private as num. 404
AS48347 JSC MTW.RU Russian Federation MTW / MTW.RU 404
AS34878 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Netherlands Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (FZK), Universit?t Karlsruhe 404
AS30795 Koneo AB Sweden Visby 404
AS286 KPN/Qwest Netherlands KPN Eurorings 404
AS8695 KS-IX Ukraine Kherson Kherson IX 404
AS29170 Kujtesa Serbia 404
AS12578 Lattelecom Latvia Riga 404
AS16265 LeaseWeb Netherlands Schiphol-Rijk 404
AS200129 LHISP S.A. Luxembourg 404
AS8714 LINX United Kingdom London London IX BGP Looking Glass 404
AS5459 LINX United Kingdom London One more link 404
AS60983 Liopen France Liopen 404
AS8262 Lirex BG Ltd Bulgaria Sophia look here for more LG's 404
AS50392 LLC Campus Networks Ukraine Campus Networks 404
AS203921 LLC Dataline Russian Federation Dataline-IX 404
AS8330 LoNAP United Kingdom London Neutral not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point based in London 404
AS205148 Lukasz Piotrowski Poland PSHQ 404
AS29467 LuxNetwork S.A. Luxembourg LuxNetwork 404
AS8767 M-net Telekommunikations GmbH Germany Muenchen 404
AS9009 M247 Ltd United Kingdom Manchester 404
AS8470 Macomnet Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS34245 Magnet Networks Ireland 404
AS47764 MAIL.RU Russian Federation 404
AS8365 MANDA Germany Darmstadt 404
AS205593 Marek Krolikowski trading as TaKeN Poland TaKeN NETWORKS 404
AS204254 Marvin Huebel Germany NevaKee.de 404
AS25532 Masterhost Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS29226 Mastertel Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS41303 MatraCOMP Kft. Hungary 404
AS50763 MCKAYCOM LTD United Kingdom 404
AS34549 meerfarbig GmbH Co. KG Germany 404
AS57014 Metro Switch Limited United Kingdom 404
AS201764 mgm technology partners GmbH Germany 404
AS21034 Micso s.r.l. Italy WADSL 404
AS48858 Milecom LLC Russian Federation 48858 404
AS5467 MIPT Russian Federation Moscow Moscow Institute for Phisics and Technology 404
AS201776 Miranda-media Ltd Russian Federation Simferopol

Thanks to Oleg Vinkus for this link.
AS35761 MITKOCOM EOOD Bulgaria tivi.bg, bgo.bg, AS199230 404
AS21230 MNet Bulgaria Varna Contains some external LG scripts. 404
AS8631 MSK-IX Russian Federation Moscow Moscow Internet eXchange 404
AS8579 MT-IX Hungary Budapest Magyar Telekom Internet eXchange 404
AS8359 MTS (MTU, TochkaRU) Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS34021 Multi-vISP / SECR France 404
AS199551 Multiplay Sp. z o.o. S. K. Poland Multiplay 404
AS200414 Multiplay Sp. z o.o. S.K. Poland Multiplay 404
AS41446 Municipal autonomous educational establishment of supplementary education of children Center for Continuing Education of Children Computer Center Russian Federation Luga, Computer Center 404
AS24961 myLoc managed IT AG Germany webtropia, myLoc 404
AS57119 NAITWAYS SAS Netherlands Naitways 404
AS8308 NASK Poland Warsaw National research institute subordinate to the Ministry of Digital Affairs 404
AS6802 National Educational and Research Information Network Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia Institute for Parallel Processing 404
AS8641 Nauka-Svyaz LTD Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS28809 NaukaNet Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS34772 Neotel Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Skopje

Thanks to Vedran for this link.
AS47692 Nessus GmbH Netherlands NESSUS 404
AS3937 Net Vision Telecom Romania 404
AS12714 Net-by-Net Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS8422 NetCologne Germany Cologne 404
AS34224 Neterra Bulgaria Sofia 404
AS12741 NETIA Poland Warszawa 404
AS15968 NetPilot Germany Muenchen Use EAST router for Full BGP table 404
AS3250 Netskin GmbH Switzerland 199376 404
AS39737 Netvision Telecom Romania Bucharest Prime Telecom Romania 404
AS34569 Networx-Bulgaria Ltd. Bulgaria Networx 404
AS24592 NEXICA Critical Cloud and Hosting Spain Barcelona 404
AS49788 Nexthop AS Norway 404
AS21083 NIX Germany Nuernberg Nuernberg Internet Exchange 404
AS12990 NLNOG RING Netherlands Amsterdam 404
AS199036 NLNOG RING Netherlands 404
AS20694 NMMN New Media Markets Networks IT-Services GmbH Germany 404
AS2603 NORDUnet Sweden external link for ipv6 404
AS41059 Novatel EOOD Bulgaria T-CIX IXP 404
AS62023 NYNEX satellite OHG Netherlands nynex 404
AS8492 OBIT Russian Federation 404
AS29305 OF.PL SP. Z O.O. Poland 404
AS5491 OlssonDorNet Denmark 404
AS31643 OMSK.RU Russian Federation Omsk 404
AS15672 OOO Telecom TZ Russian Federation 404
AS5511 Orange (OpenTransit) France 404
AS2854 Orange Business Services Russia LG Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS29535 Orange Polska Poland TPIX 404
AS16276 OVH France ovh.net 404
AS39444 Owentis France Owentis - Singapore 404
AS41157 Oxymium France AS-OXYMIUM 404
AS31323 Oyster Russian Federation St.-Petersburg, Moscow Delicious telecom 404
AS15782 Perspektiv Bredband AB Sweden Lunds Stadsn?t 404
AS50817 Petersburg Internet Network ltd. Russian Federation PITER-IX 404
AS43679 Petrus Sp??ka z o.o. Poland 404
AS44050 PIN Spb Russian Federation St.-Petersburg 404
AS35434 PirxNet Grzegorz Bialas Poland PirxNet 404
AS62206 Pitline ltd Ukraine Pitline 404
AS8545 PL-IX Poland Polish internet eXchange 404
AS28870 Plus.ru Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS8877 PowerNet.BG Bulgaria Bankya 404
AS25482 Private Enterprise Law Firm Status Ukraine ISP STATUS 404
AS21497 PrJSC VF UKRAINE Ukraine UMC, Comstar-Ukraine, MTS Ukraine 404
AS29686 Probe Networks Germany Frankfurt 404
AS200023 Qonnected B.V. Netherlands 404
AS29668 Qube Managed Services Limited United Kingdom Qube Managed Hosting Inc. 404
AS24638 Rambler Internet Holding LLC Russian Federation 404
AS20764 RASCOM Russian Federation 404
AS199364 RAX Bulgaria Rax.bg 404
AS12722 RECONN ISP Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS60430 RED-IX Russian Federation RED-IX Route Servers 404
AS766 RedIRIS Spain Madrid Spanish National R&D Network 404
AS60894 Regional Networks Ltd. Russian Federation RegNets 404
AS2200 RENATER France Paris Reseau National de telecommunications pour la Technologie (Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guyana) 404
AS28716 Retelit Spa Italy 404
AS9002 ReTN Russian Federation Saint-Petersburg 404
AS15474 RHnet Iciland Reykjavik Iceland University Research Network 404
AS8331 RINET Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS3333 RIPE NCC Netherlands Amsterdam RIS widget 404
AS12654 RIPE NCC Netherlands 404
AS5577 root S.A. Luxembourg Luxembourg OpenBGPD

Thanks to Andy for this link.
AS12389 ROSTELECOM Russian Federation Moscow Siberia, Volga, Ural etc. 404
AS8342 RTComm.RU Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS3267 RUNNET Russian Federation Saint-Petersburg 404
AS3277 RUSnet Russian Federation Saint-Petersburg 404
AS49640 S.P.E.Sistemi e Progetti Elettronici sas Italy Eleusi - SPE.NET 404
AS21131 Sacura Telecom Ukraine Chernivtsy 404
AS39626 Santa Monica Networks Latvia Santa Monica Internet Local Exchange (Latvia) 404
AS39102 SatTel Corporation, Ltd Russian Federation At Home 404
AS29014 ScaleUp Technologies GmbH Co. KG Germany INTERNET4YOU 404
AS49432 schallert.com e.U. Austria schallert.com 404
AS29587 Schedom VOF Europe Belgium Brussels 404
AS8839 SdV France Strasbourg 404
AS49505 Selectel Russian Federation 404
AS50340 Selectel Ltd. Russian Federation Selectel Network of DataCenters 404
AS31042 Serbia BroadBand d.o.o. Serbia SBB 404
AS50673 Serverius Netherlands 404
AS24923 SETTK Russian Federation 404
AS15557 SFR SA France AS-LDCOMNET 404
AS47814 SIA Stream Networks Latvia 404
AS42514 Signal Russian Federation Zheleznogorsk 404
AS30851 Sileman Sp. z o.o. Poland 404
AS2607 SIX Slovakia Bratislava Slovak Internet Exchange. Short BGP table. 404
AS6908 Six Degrees Group United Kingdom 6DG, Datahop, UKSolutions, NetworkFlow, BIS, Capital Support Group, Ultraspeed, Firstserv, Cloud Computing Centre, Serverstream 404
AS16073 Smile S.A. France Accelance - Teaser 404
AS9044 SolNet Switzerland Zuchwil 404
AS41441 SPEED-IX Netherlands Speed Internet Exchange 404
AS199860 Stack Data Network LLC Russian Federation SDN 404
AS33902 STARnet (Smotreshka) Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS31252 StarNet Solutii SRL Moldova, Republic Of 404
AS57151 Stockholm Internet eXchange AB Sweden AS-STHIX 404
AS28876 suec//dacor GmbH Netherlands 404
AS1653 SUNET Sweden Stikholm Swedish university network 404
AS6730 Sunrise.ch Switzerland Zurich Contains some external LG scripts. 404
AS34984 Superonline Turkey Turkcell Superonline 404
AS20612 SwissIX Switzerland Zuerich Swiss Internet eXchange 404
AS42476 SwissIX Internet Exchange Switzerland SwissIX 404
AS559 SWITCH Switzerland Zurich IPv4 LG 404
AS559 SWITCH Switzerland IPv6 LG 404
AS56665 TANGO S.A. Luxembourg Telindus Telecom 404
AS3292 TDC Denmark Tranbjerg 404
AS61296 TechCom s.r.o. Czech Republic 404
AS29053 TEELFONET Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS21305 TelCom Belarus Minsk 404
AS199599 Telecom-Birzha LLC Russian Federation CIREX (Circuit Exchange) 404
AS8400 Telekom Srbija Serbia Belgrade

Thanks to Ana for this link.
AS2119 Telenor Bulgaria Sophia 404
AS15785 Teleport SV Ukraine Kharkov 404
AS3308 Telia Denmark Sweden Haninge 404
AS1759 Telia Finland Finland Helsinki 404
AS48173 The Unbelievable Machine Company GmbH Germany Berlin

Thanks to Freerk for this link.
AS196752 Tilaa B.V. Netherlands Tilaa 404
AS204345 Tim Stallard France 404
AS21011 TOP NET Ukraine TOPNET PJSC 404
AS5617 TP Net Poland Warszawa CONTACT. not working 404
AS35491 TPnets.com Sp. z o.o. Poland MNC.PL 404
AS29616 trabia network Moldova, Republic Of Chisinau Internet Exchange Route Servers 404
AS43289 trabia network Moldova, Republic Of trabia network 404
AS39150 Transit Telecom Russian Federation 404
AS20485 TransTeleCom Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS43782 TTK Ulyanovsk Russian Federation TransTelecom, TTK 404
AS9121 Turk Telecom Turkey 404
AS15645 UA-IX Ukraine Kiev Ukrainian Internet eXchange 404
AS8486 UAB Baltnetos komunikacijos Lithuania BALTNETA 404
AS33922 UAB Nacionalinis Telekomunikaciju Tinklas Lithuania NTT 404
AS61374 UAE-IX Germany UAE-IX Route Servers powered by DE-CIX 404
AS3255 UARNet Ukraine Lviv 404
AS43404 UCAnet Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS39184 UltraNET Ltd Bulgaria 404
AS224 UNINETT Norway Trondheim 404
AS24703 United Networks of Ukraine, Ltd Ukraine 404
AS8664 University of Warsaw Poland Warsaw 404
AS48822 Universum bit Ltd. Russian Federation UNIVERSUMNET 404
AS24770 UnixSol Bulgaria Sofia 404
AS34006 VeePee France Reseau VeePee 404
AS8881 Versatel Germany Duesseldorf 404
AS31122 Viatel Ireland Dundalk 404
AS1120 VIX Austria Vienna Vienna Internet eXchange 404
AS6660 Vodafone (Asia) United Kingdom former CableWireless Worldwide (Asia) 404
AS25478 W-IX (iHome) Russian Federation Moscow 404
AS50384 W-IX LTD Russian Federation 404
AS47727 Warnet.cz s.r.o. Czech Republic 404
AS42455 Wi-Manx Limited United Kingdom AS-WIMANX 404
AS56730 Wirehive Ltd United Kingdom 404
AS15772 Wnet Ukraine Kiev 404
AS50343 XING SE Netherlands 404
AS8218 ZAYO France 404
AS204893 ZMORA BGP Research Network Poland BGP Research Network 404

North America

Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments ERR
AS20291 3T Systems Ltd Canada 404
AS393713 All Points Broadband United States Of America Leesburg 404
AS328112 AllWorldIT ZA Mauritius Linux Based Systems Design SA (Pty) Ltd 404
AS207036 Ariel Antigua United States Of America aaNetworks 404
AS25795 ARP Networks, Inc. United States Of America 404
AS19151 BBOI (365 Data Centers) United States Of America 365 Data Centers (former BroadbandONE, Host.net, WV Fiber, WebUnited, Expedient Florida, Netrox, Continental Broadband Florida, Yipes! Florida) 404
AS577 Bell Canada Canada 404
AS204710 BoltN Hosting Limited United States Of America anycast.online, BoltN Hosting, HydraZone, OmniDragon, TheDragonTeam 404
AS20406 Braslink Network / Ultranet Telecom United States Of America Ultranet / Braslink / Ultranet SCM / Ultranet Telecom 404
AS27884 CABLE COLOR S.A. United States Of America CABLE COLOR 404
AS3908 CenturyLink - APAC United States Of America 404
AS3910 CenturyLink - EMEA United States Of America 404
AS7012 Clarksys United States Of America Los Angeles 404
AS27400 Clearfly Communications United States Of America Greenfly Networks, Inc. 404
AS8001 CologIX (Net Access) United States Of America 404
AS11260 EastLink Canada Halifax Contains some external LG scripts. 404
AS36273 Globalive Wireless Management Corp United States Of America 404
AS61003 GlobalTeleHost Corp Canada 404
AS62563 GlobalTeleHost Corp Canada GTHost 404
AS52320 GlobeNet United States Of America GlobeNet 404
AS549 GTAnet Canada Toronto 404
AS395089 Hextet Systems Canada Winnipeg 404
AS265110 Hokinet Mexico Montevideo 404
AS14361 HopOne Internet Corp. United States Of America Washington Washington, DC 404
AS13645 Host.Net (BroadONE) United States Of America Boca Raton 404
AS14713 Hosted Backbone United States Of America Hosted Backbone, LLC 404
AS6939 Hurricane Electric United States Of America VA, CA, NY 404
AS19782 Indiana GigaPOP United States Of America ING 404
AS11071 InfoWest United States Of America St. George 404
AS10248 Internet Partners, Inc. United States Of America Beaverton 404
AS3186 Interscholz United States Of America New York 404
AS22691 ISPnet, Inc. United States Of America New York 404
AS2495 KanREN United States Of America Kansas Research and Education Network 404
AS18451 Les.net (1996) Inc Canada Les.net 404
AS133072 Limewave Communications United States Of America LIMEWAVE 404
AS11269 LinkBermuda LTD Canada 404
AS30844 Liquid Telecommunications United States Of America Liquid Telecom, Econet Carrier Services (formerly) 404
AS32244 Liquidweb Inc United States Of America Liquid Web LLC 404
AS13359 Lonestar Education and Research Network United States Of America LEARN 404
AS16395 Manitoba Internet Exchange Inc. Canada MBIX 404
AS327821 Mauritius Internet Exchange Point Mauritius MIXP 404
AS37324 Mauritius Internet Exchange Point Mauritius MIXP 404
AS395081 MegaIX Toronto United States Of America San Francisco Megaport Cloud Router (MCR). Global virtual routing for private Layer 3 connectivity. 404
AS2572 Missouri Research and Education Network United States Of America Columbia 404
AS26320 Monarch Industries Ltd Canada 404
AS394255 MTS Data Canada Winnipeg 404
AS206663 MTS Media Ltd United States Of America 404
AS396303 Nato Research Ltd. United States Of America Syracuse Interface like a rebus. Read short manual at first page. 404
AS3701 NERONET United States Of America Eugene Network for Education and Research in Oregon 404
AS40867 Netflash Internet Solutions Canada Continuum On-Line Services Ltd 404
AS5056 netINS United States Of America Des Moines 404
AS14280 NetNation Communications Inc. Canada Hostway Canada Inc. 404
AS396180 NNENIX United States Of America Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange 404
AS2914 NTT America United States Of America 404
AS5006 Onvoy, Zayo Managed Sevices United States Of America Plymouth Zayo 404
AS30170 Optic Fusion United States Of America 404
AS73 PACIFIC NORTHWEST GIGAPOP United States Of America Seattle University of Washington 404
AS42 Packet Clearing House United States Of America Woodynet, PCH 404
AS396071 PacketGG USA Inc United States Of America Packet.GG, GSL Networks 404
AS1785 Paetec Communications United States Of America Legacy McLeodUSA, Legacy USLEC 404
AS16409 PBW Communications, LLC United States Of America 404
AS23184 Persona Communications Canada Bragg Communications (Central) 404
AS6079 RCN United States Of America Princeton 404
AS23352 ServerCentral, Inc. United States Of America 404
AS12276 SFMIX (San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange) United States Of America San Francisco 404
AS394738 Silicon Valley Web Hosting LLC United States Of America SVWH 404
AS262149 Sistemas Fratec S.A. Costa Rica Fratec 404
AS36351 SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. (an IBM Company) United States Of America SoftLayer an IBM Company 404
AS4557 Southeast Texas Gigapop United States Of America 404
AS10490 Southern Crossroads (SoX) United States Of America Atlanta, Dallas, Neshville Indiana University 404
AS11404 Spectrum Networks United States Of America Kirkland 404
AS29877 STS Telecom United States Of America 404
AS205811 Supply Frame, Inc. United States Of America SupplyFrame 404
AS4150 SupraNet Communications, Inc. United States Of America Madison 404
AS15305 Syringa Networks United States Of America 404
AS63212 TahoeIX United States Of America 404
AS5645 TekSavvy Solutions, Inc. Canada Chatham 404
AS852 Telus Canada

Thanks to Geoffrey Holan for this link.
AS32098 Transtelco United States Of America 404
AS40193 Trit Networks LLC United States Of America 404
AS59 University of Wisconsin Madison United States Of America Madison 404
AS3128 University of Wisconsin System United States Of America Wisconsin 404
AS32354 Unwired United States Of America Unwired Ltd 404
AS35908 VPLS, Inc. United States Of America Krypt Technologies 404
AS13445 WebEx Communications United States Of America Cisco Webex 404
AS7029 Windstream United States Of America Little Rock 404
AS2381 WiscNet United States Of America 404
AS12083 WOW! United States Of America Wide Open West / Knology 404
AS6315 XMission United States Of America Salt Lake City 404
AS53339 YYCIX Internet Exchange Community Ltd Canada YYCIX 404

South America

Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments ERR
AS16397 .comDominio Data Centers Brazil Sao Paulo 404
AS28370 3AX Internet Brazil Guifami Informatica LTDA 404
AS262760 76 TELECOMUNICA??O LTDA Brazil 404
AS16735 Algar Telecom Brazil CTBC 404
AS28169 Bitcom Internet Brazil Bitcom Provedor de Servicos de Internet Ltda 404
AS266196 Brascom Brazil Rio de Janeiro 404
AS61587 C. HOKI DA COSTA E CIA LTDA - ME Uruguay Hokinet Internet Banda Larga 404
AS52294 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE IXP Neuquen 404
AS61494 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE IXP San Luis 404
AS61495 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE IXP Junin 404
AS61504 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE IXP Pergamino 404
AS61505 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE IXP Tucuman 404
AS61520 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE IXP Salta 404
AS61521 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE IXP Jujuy 404
AS61552 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina 404
AS61553 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina 404
AS61555 C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE) Argentina CABASE 404
AS52376 CABASE Argentina Buenos Aires 404
AS52403 CABASE Argentina Mar del Plata C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52324 CABASE Argentina Rosario C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52332 CABASE Argentina Bahia Blanca C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52359 CABASE Argentina Santa Fe C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52360 CABASE Argentina Mendoza C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52374 CABASE Argentina Cordoba C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52375 CABASE Argentina La Plata C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52404 CABASE Argentina Posadas C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52500 CABASE Argentina Puerto Madryn C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52508 CABASE Argentina Norte de Gran Buenos Aires C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS52509 CABASE Argentina Saenz Pe?a, Chaco C?mara Argentina de Internet (CABASE IXP) 404
AS28130 Certto Telecom Brazil 404
AS14840 Commcorp Telecom Brazil 404
AS264179 CoNecT BM Telecom Brazil Rio de Janeiro 404
AS262229 Cooperativa Luz y Fuerza de LGSM Ltda Argentina Cooperativa Luz y Fuerza de LGSM Ltda 404
AS265241 DataFibra Telecom Brazil

Thanks to Bruno for this link.
AS52558 Econnect Telecom Brazil 404
AS263209 Enlace Soluciones Informaticas SRL Argentina Enlace Soluciones Informaticas SRL 404
AS28263 Ensite Brasil Telecomunicaes Ltda - ME Brazil Birigui 404
AS262150 EPEC Telecomunicaciones Argentina Empresa Provincial de Energ?a de C?rdoba 404
AS26592 Equinix Connect RJ Brazil 404
AS28329 G8 Brazil San Paulo G8 / G8 Telecom / G8 Networks 404
AS53062 GGNET Brazil G G NET Telecomunica??es 404
AS14259 GTD Internet Chile Santiago 404
AS11242 Host Palace Internet Services Brazil 404
AS264409 Huge Networks Brazil 404
AS53019 Infotec Provedor Brazil infotec- servi?os de provedor da internet ltda 404
AS61493 InterBS S.R.L. (BAEHOST) Uruguay BAEHOST 404
AS266365 Interip Brazil 404
AS262934 IP┬ĚRED Argentina BUNAR SRL 404
AS4270 La ARIU Argentina Buenos Aires Asociaci?n Redes de Interconexi?n Universitaria 404
AS263047 Linkfull Corporate Brazil Speednet Provedor de acesso a internet ltda 404
AS264415 Maxis Telecom Brazil 404
AS28140 Maxiweb Brazil 404
AS28338 NB Telecom Brazil 404
AS27693 NipCable - NipBr Brazil 404
AS262237 Orbyta S.A. Chile Orbyta SPA 404
AS19228 Pit Entel Chile 404
AS61449 Research SRL Argentina Research SRL 404
AS1916 RNP Brazil Rio de Janeiro Slow 404
AS264380 Server Fast Telecom Brazil Sao Paolo 404
AS52846 SFNet Brazil Innovanet Telecom LTDA 404
AS61508 SGS VALLEVISION SRL Argentina SGS Vallevision SRL 404
AS52999 Startnet Digital Brazil Alagoinhas (Bahia)

Thanks to Elcimar Leandro for this link.
AS52977 Sul Internet Brazil Sul Online Telecom Ltda - EPP 404
AS28250 Telbrax Brazil 404
AS53242 Teletalk Telecomunicacoes Brazil Teletalk/Teletalk Telecomunicacoes/Nogueira e Dantas Ltda 404
AS53087 TELY Ltda. Brazil Tely Sitecnet Informatica LTDA 404
AS266385 TrTelecom Brazil TR Servicos de Telecomunicacoes LTDA-ME 404
AS262659 ULTRAWAVE TELECOM EIRELI Brazil Ultrawave 404
AS61583 WDS TELECOM Brazil 404
AS262976 WDS TELECOM LTDA. ME Brazil 404
AS28360 WKVE Telecom Brazil 404


Africa North America Europe South America Asia Australia and Oceania
AS.Num Link Name Country City Comments ERR
AS1273 Cable&Wireless / Vodafone Multiple Click at GRX Looking Glass at left column. No username or password required. 404
AS8426 ClaraNet Multiple 404
AS174 COGENT Multiple Frankfurt, Washington (DC) 404
AS20965 GEANT Multiple 404
AS5580 GTT (Hibernia Networks) Multiple 404
AS11537 Internet2 Multiple 404
AS6735 IRANET Multiple Tehran (Iran) 404
AS8648 KAMP Multiple Germany, Oberhausen 404
AS3356 Level3 Multiple International backbone 404
AS3327 LINXTELECOM Multiple 404
AS15658 MaComNet Multiple 404
AS57695 Misaka Network, Inc. Multiple 404
AS5511 OpenTransit Multiple 404
AS3215 OpenTransit Multiple 404
AS2300 OpenTransit (Orange-IPX) Multiple 404
AS3856 Packet Clearing House Multiple 404
AS3561 SAVVIS Multiple 404
AS1239 Sprint Multiple 404
AS6453 TATA Communications Multiple 404
AS4755 TATA Communications Multiple 404
AS1299 Telia Carrier (TeliaSonera) Multiple WorlWide TeliaSonera network 404
AS8837 Telia Carrier IPX Multiple 404
AS3301 Telia Sverige Multiple 404
AS135112 VPSnine Multiple 404
AS12573 WideSX Multiple 404