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Lookin'Bot: Telegram BGP lookinglass bot

Real BGP table Telegram Bot with some network utilities



This site started at 13 may 2004 as single page site. In a few years site became more complex. On Feb.2007 site was transferred to SQL database with some new features and online BGP-filter creator (ACL generator). The site was redesigned as well. On november 2008 site was refactored, and new design (thanks to Wacke) implemented.


Feature Description
Sorting You can choose table fields you wish to see and sorting methods for them. Check checkboxes and choose one method from drop-down list and click "Save values".
Clickable map You can choose continent you are interested in by clicking on the World map. It only works at the Home page.
ACL generator You can create BGP as-path access-list and prefix-list for your AS-SET. You can also create outgoing ACL for your BGP router.
Feedback form Any kind of feedback from you is important for us. Please, feel free to send us any kind of information and new links you want to see at our site. You can also send question about LG links we don’t have.

Plans, Bugs, Fixes (scheduling).

Plans Bugs Status Scheduled date Real date
Build up Lookin'Bot: Realtime BGP route checker at Telegram started 10 jul 2017
Create BGPv4 ang BGPv6 routes realtime statistics page planned 01 sept 2016
Add BGP links statistics page planned 01 sept 2016
Add "thanks to" done 01 aug 2016 21 jul 2016
Fix the bug ACL GEN not working planned 01 aug 2016
Add broken link report mechanism done 01 jul 2016 08 june 2016
Renew the feedback form done 01 jul 2016 21 jul 2016
Add all received links to collection done 01 jul 2016 21 jul 2016
Carry out an audit of all LGs links done 01 jul 2016 28 may 2016
Change the feedback form done 01 jul 2016 21 jul 2016
Recover and rewrite internal management scripts done 22 may 2016 22 may 2016
Move to the new hosting provider. Big plans. Who knows ;-) done 07 dec 2015 05 dec 2015
Remake the feedback form done 18 dec 2015 22 dec 2015
Make a review of scripts done 15 apr 2012 09 apr 2012
Add all received links to the collection rescheduled 15 apr 2012
Links revision rescheduled 1 may 2012
Fix the feedback form Feedback form not working well (+some form changes) canceled 1 may 2012
Fix the bug Sort method selector takes no effect at Sorted page. done 1 june 2012 8 june 2016 ))
Add broken link user report mechanism done 1 june 2012 8 june 2016 ))
Site review - functionality, actuality. done 1 april 2012 3 april 2012
Fix the bug ACLgen not working fixed 27 april 2012
Link status re-calculation after some updates.
Result: about 15% links unworkable (62 from 303).
done 8 november 2008 8 november 2008
Link status calculation.
Result: about 25% links unworkable (104 from 399).
done 8 november 2008 8 november 2008
Fix the bug BGP tools script (ACL generator) not working fixed 10 november 2008 10 november 2008
Full content revision. done up to 1 january 2009 16 november 2008
Full script review done 10 november 2008 16 november 2008
Full redesign done 5 november 2008 6 november 2008


Pavel B. Vasiliev, home site: http://pavel.su