IPv6-enabled Looking Glasses

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AS.Num Link Name IPv4 IX Continent Country Comments Revision Date
AS286 Broken link KPN/Qwest +   Europe Netherlands KPN Eurorings 23.05.2016
AS553 Broken link BelWue +   Europe Germany 22.07.2016
AS559 Broken link SWITCH     Europe Switzerland IPv4 LG at main host 28.05.2016
AS577 Broken link Bell Canada +   North America Canada 19.07.2016
AS680 Broken link DFN/WiN +   Europe Germany Looking glass of German National Research and Education Network. 15.07.2016
AS766 Broken link RedIRIS +   Europe Spain Spanish National R&D Network 27.05.2016
AS768 Broken link JANET +   Europe United Kingdom Some routers with private as num. 25.05.2016
AS852 Broken link Telus +   North America Canada

Thanks to Geoffrey Holan for this link.
AS1120 Broken link VIX + + Europe Austria Vienna Internet eXchange 25.05.2016
AS1213 Broken link HEAnet +   Europe Ireland Irelands National Education and Research Network 30.05.2016
AS1213 Broken link HEAnet +   Europe Ireland Irelands National Education and Research Network 25.05.2016
AS1239 Broken link Sprint +   Multiple Multiple 24.05.2016
AS1273 Broken link Cable&Wireless / Vodafone +   Multiple Multiple Click at Looking Glass at left column without entering username or password 02.08.2016
AS1299 Broken link TeliaSonera +   Multiple Multiple WorlWide TeliaSonera network 24.05.2016
AS1653 Broken link SUNET +   Europe Sweden Swedish university network 23.05.2016
AS1853 Broken link ACONet +   Europe Austria Never
AS1955 Broken link HungarNet +   Europe Hungary Hungarian Academic and Research Network 28.05.2016
AS2572 Broken link Missouri Research and Education Network +   North America United States Of America 25.05.2016
AS2603 Broken link NORDUnet +   Europe Sweden external link for ipv6 23.05.2016
AS2854 Broken link Orange Business Services Russia LG +   Europe Russian Federation 28.05.2016
AS3216 Broken link Beeline (Golden Telecom / SOVAM / SOVINTEL) +   Europe Russian Federation 08.07.2016
AS3277 Broken link RUSnet +   Europe Russian Federation 24.05.2016
AS3320 Broken link Deutsche Telekom +   Europe Germany 27.05.2016
AS3333 Broken link RIPE NCC + + Europe Netherlands RIS widget 23.05.2016
AS3343 Broken link RUNNET +   Europe Russian Federation 24.05.2016
AS3344 Broken link Kewlio.net +   Europe United Kingdom 27.05.2016
AS3856 Broken link Packet Clearing House + + Multiple Multiple 25.05.2016
AS4635 Broken link HKIX / HKIX2 + + Asia Hong Kong Hong Kong Internet eXchange 03.07.2016
AS4739 Broken link iiNet +   Australia and Oceania Australia AS4802 also Never
AS5459 Broken link LINX + + Europe United Kingdom London IX BGP Looking Glass 08.08.2016
AS5459 Broken link LINX + + Europe United Kingdom One more link 28.05.2016
AS5577 Broken link root S.A. +   Europe Luxembourg OpenBGPD

Thanks to Andy for this link.
AS6315 Broken link XMission +   North America United States Of America 25.05.2016
AS6453 Broken link TATA Communications +   Multiple Multiple 24.05.2016
AS6730 Broken link Sunrise.ch + + Europe Switzerland + some external LGs 24.05.2016
AS6762 Broken link Sparkle (Seabone) +   Europe Italy TransAtlantic - about 60 LGs in EEC and USA 29.05.2016
AS6802 Broken link National Educational and Research Information Network Bulgaria +   Europe Bulgaria Institute for Parallel Processing 23.05.2016
AS6939 Broken link Hurricane Electric +   North America United States Of America VA, CA, NY 24.05.2016
AS8218 Broken link ZAYO +   Europe France Never
AS8262 Broken link Lirex BG Ltd +   Europe Bulgaria look here for more LG's 27.05.2006
AS8330 Broken link LoNAP + + Europe United Kingdom Neutral not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point based in London 27.05.2016
AS8331 Broken link RINET + + Europe Russian Federation 23.05.2016
AS8359 Broken link MTS (MTU, TochkaRU) +   Europe Russian Federation 23.05.2016
AS8402 Broken link Beeline (Corbina) +   Europe Russian Federation 23.07.2016
AS8422 Broken link NetCologne +   Europe Germany 27.05.2016
AS8426 Broken link ClaraNet +   Multiple Multiple 28.05.2016
AS8468 Broken link Entanet +   Europe United Kingdom Never
AS8615 Broken link CNT (Central Telegraph) +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS8631 Broken link MSK-IX + + Europe Russian Federation Moscow Internet eXchange 23.05.2016
AS8648 Broken link KAMP +   Multiple Multiple Germany, Oberhausen 24.05.2016
AS8657 Broken link Companhia Portuguesa Radio Marconi +   Europe Portugal 24.05.2016
AS8732 Broken link Akado +   Europe Russian Federation Comcor Never
AS8839 Broken link SdV +   Europe France 24.05.2016
AS9370 Broken link Sakura Internet IPv6     Asia Japan Three bgp looking glass links from one provider. Never
AS9439 Broken link WIX + + Australia and Oceania New Zealand Wellington Internet eXchange 28.05.2016
AS9443 Broken link Primus Telecommunications Australia +   Australia and Oceania Australia 24.05.2016
AS9560 Broken link APE-IX + + Australia and Oceania New Zealand Auckland Peering Exchange 25.05.2016
AS9607 Broken link BroadBand Tower +   Asia Japan 23.05.2016
AS9722 Broken link PIPE Networks + + Australia and Oceania Australia 28.05.2016
AS9837 Broken link Powertel +   Australia and Oceania Australia 24.05.2016
AS11260 Broken link EastLink +   North America Canada Plus many external routers 28.05.2016
AS12303 Broken link BIX + + Europe Hungary Budapest Internet eXchange 24.05.2016
AS12779 Broken link ITGate Network + + Europe Italy 24.05.2016
AS12859 Broken link BIT +   Europe Netherlands 23.05.2016
AS12883 Broken link VEGA (Ucomline) +   Europe Ukraine Not all hosts ok 24.05.2016
AS13273 Broken link France Teaser +   Europe France site not found 23.05.2016
AS13645 Broken link Host.Net (BroadONE) +   North America United States Of America 27.05.2016
AS15169 Broken link AARnet +   Australia and Oceania Australia AARNet is the Australian national research and education network that interconnects with the global network of national research and education networks (NRENs). Never
AS15645 Broken link UA-IX + + Europe Ukraine Ukrainian Internet eXchange 24.05.2016
AS15694 Broken link ATMAN +   Europe Poland 28.05.2016
AS16265 Broken link LeaseWeb +   Europe Netherlands 24.05.2016
AS16397 Broken link .comDominio Data Centers +   South America Brazil 27.05.2016
AS20485 Broken link TransTeleCom +   Europe Russian Federation 24.05.2016
AS20555 Broken link WSISiZ +   Europe Poland 23.05.2016
AS20597 Broken link ELTEL +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS20612 Broken link SwissIX + + Europe Switzerland Swiss Internet eXchange 25.05.2016
AS21083 Broken link NIX + + Europe Germany Nuernberg Internet Exchange 23.05.2016
AS21230 Broken link MNet +   Europe Bulgaria Plus some external routers 27.05.2016
AS25308 Broken link ISP CityLanCom +   Europe Russian Federation 28.05.2016
AS25308 Broken link CityLan +   Europe Russian Federation

Thanks to Grinkin for this link.
AS25462 Broken link ReTN +   Europe Russian Federation 23.05.2016
AS28140 Broken link Maxiweb +   South America Brazil Never
AS28761 Broken link CrimeaCom +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS28809 Broken link NaukaNet +   Europe Russian Federation 28.05.2016
AS28929 Broken link ASDASD + + Europe Italy Never
AS29053 Broken link TEELFONET +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS29076 Broken link Filanco (City Telecom) +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS31122 Broken link Viatel +   Europe Ireland Never
AS31133 Broken link Megafon +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS31323 Broken link Oyster +   Europe Russian Federation Delicious telecom 25.05.2016
AS33843 Broken link Interscholz Net +   Europe Germany 27.05.2016
AS34043 Broken link Internet Security Systems, RO +   Europe Romania Plus some external LGs. Not fully workable. 27.05.2016
AS37474 Broken link JINX + + Africa South Africa Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) of South Africa 07.07.2016
AS37668 Broken link DINX + + Africa South Africa Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) of South Africa 07.07.2016
AS39793 Broken link Anders +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS43404 Broken link UCAnet +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS44050 Broken link PIN Spb +   Europe Russian Federation 05.12.2016
AS48173 Broken link The Unbelievable Machine Company GmbH +   Europe Germany

Thanks to Freerk for this link.
AS49063 Broken link DataLine +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS49505 Broken link Selectel +   Europe Russian Federation Never
AS50673 Broken link Serverius +   Europe Netherlands 19.07.2016
AS50952 Broken link DATA-IX + + Europe Russian Federation Never
AS52376 Broken link CABASE + + South America Argintina 22.07.2016
AS52999 Broken link Startnet Digital +   South America Brazil

Thanks to Elcimar Leandro for this link.
AS65456 Broken link CATNIX + + Europe Spain

Thanks to Maria Isabel Gandia for this link.
AS201776 Broken link Miranda-media Ltd +   Europe Russian Federation

Thanks to Oleg Vinkus for this link.