Here is IPv6 enabled Looking Glasses.
IPv6 protocol is not new at all. But it is not implemented in all Looking Glass services.

AS.Num ISP Name Country
AS513 CERN Switzerland
AS549 GTAnet Canada
AS553 BelWue Germany
AS559 SWITCH Switzerland
AS680 DFN/WiN Germany
AS766 RedIRIS Spain
AS768 JANET United Kingdom
AS786 JANET United Kingdom
AS852 Telus Canada
AS1120 VIX Austria
AS1213 HEAnet Ireland
AS1213 HEAnet Ireland
AS1239 Sprint TIER1
AS1273 Cable&Wireless / Vodafone Multiple
AS1299 Telia Carrier (TeliaSonera) TIER1
AS1653 SUNET Sweden
AS1759 Telia Finland Finland
AS1955 HBONE+ Hungary
AS2128 INEX IXP Ireland
AS2200 RENATER France
AS2518 FullRoute Japan
AS2572 Missouri Research and Education Network United States Of America
AS2603 NORDUnet Sweden
AS2854 Orange Business Services Russia LG Russian Federation
AS3186 Interscholz United States Of America
AS3216 Beeline (Sovam) Russian Federation
AS3267 RUNNET Russian Federation
AS3277 RUSnet Russian Federation
AS3301 Telia Sverige Multiple
AS3308 Telia Denmark Sweden
AS3333 RIPE NCC Netherlands
AS3356 CenturyLink (Level3) TIER1
AS3856 Packet Clearing House Multiple
AS4150 SupraNet Communications, Inc. United States Of America
AS4270 La ARIU Argentina
AS4635 HKIX / HKIX2 Hong Kong
AS4739 iiNet Australia
AS4800 Lintasarta Indonesia
AS4826 VOCUS Communication Australia
AS4851 Host Networks Datacenter Australia
AS5408 GRNet Greece
AS5459 LINX United Kingdom
AS5491 OlssonDorNet Denmark
AS5577 root S.A. Luxembourg
AS5645 TekSavvy Solutions, Inc. Canada
AS6315 XMission United States Of America
AS6453 TATA Communications TIER1
AS6730 Sunrise.ch Switzerland
AS6802 National Educational and Research Information Network Bulgaria Bulgaria
AS6870 SPACE-IX Russian Federation
AS6939 Hurricane Electric United States Of America
AS7473 SINGTEL Singapore
AS7575 AARnet Australia
AS7600 EscapeNet Australia
AS8218 ZAYO France
AS8262 Lirex BG Ltd Bulgaria
AS8308 NASK Poland
AS8330 LoNAP United Kingdom
AS8331 RINET Russian Federation
AS8359 MTS (MTU, TochkaRU) Russian Federation
AS8365 MANDA Germany
AS8402 Beeline (Corbina) Russian Federation
AS8422 NetCologne Germany
AS8426 ClaraNet Multiple
AS8449 ElCat Kyrgyzstan
AS8455 Atom86 Netherlands
AS8468 Entanet United Kingdom
AS8545 PL-IX Poland
AS8579 MT-IX Hungary
AS8615 CNT (Central Telegraph) Russian Federation
AS8631 MSK-IX Russian Federation
AS8641 Nauka-Svyaz LTD Russian Federation
AS8648 KAMP Multiple
AS8657 Companhia Portuguesa Radio Marconi Portugal
AS8664 University of Warsaw Poland
AS8695 KS-IX Ukraine
AS8714 LINX United Kingdom
AS8732 Akado Russian Federation
AS8767 M-net Telekommunikations GmbH Germany
AS8837 Telia Carrier IPX Multiple
AS8839 SdV France
AS8879 DTS Systeme Germany
AS8881 Versatel Germany
AS8893 ArtFiles Germany
AS8928 Interoute Czech Republic
AS8932 Ucom Armenia
AS8966 Etisalat EmIX United Arab Emirates
AS9002 ReTN Russian Federation
AS9009 M247 Ltd United Kingdom
AS9033 ECIX - European Commercial Internet Exchange Germany
AS9044 SolNet Switzerland
AS9268 Over the Wire Australia
AS9370 Sakura Internet IPv6 Japan
AS9439 WIX New Zealand
AS9443 Primus Telecommunications Australia Australia
AS9498 Airtel India
AS9498 AIRTEL India
AS9560 APE-IX New Zealand
AS9607 BroadBand Tower Japan
AS9650 NZIX New Zealand
AS9722 PIPE Networks Australia
AS9837 Powertel Australia
AS11071 InfoWest United States Of America
AS11242 Host Palace Internet Services Brazil
AS11260 EastLink Canada
AS11404 Spectrum Networks United States Of America
AS11537 Internet2 Multiple
AS12276 SFMIX (San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange) United States Of America
AS12303 BIX Hungary
AS12389 ROSTELECOM Russian Federation
AS12437 DTS Systeme Germany
AS12573 WideSX Multiple
AS12578 Lattelecom Latvia
AS12714 Net-by-Net Russian Federation
AS12722 RECONN ISP Russian Federation
AS12741 NETIA Poland
AS12779 ITGate Network Italy
AS12779 ITGate Network Italy
AS12859 BIT (Business Internet Trends) Netherlands
AS12990 NLNOG RING Netherlands
AS13030 Init Seven AG Switzerland
AS13273 France Teaser France
AS13645 Host.Net (BroadONE) United States Of America
AS14280 NetNation Communications Inc. Canada
AS14840 Commcorp Telecom Brazil
AS15645 UA-IX Ukraine
AS15694 ATMAN Poland
AS16265 LeaseWeb Netherlands
AS16397 Equinix Brazil Brazil
AS16735 Algar Telecom Brazil
AS20485 TransTeleCom Russian Federation
AS20597 ELTEL Russian Federation
AS20612 SwissIX Switzerland
AS20766 Gitoyen France
AS20965 GEANT Multiple
AS21083 NIX Germany
AS21230 MNet Bulgaria
AS21277 Newroz Telecom;Newroz Telecom Ltd Iraq
AS24592 NEXICA Critical Cloud and Hosting Spain
AS25308 ISP CityLanCom Russian Federation
AS25308 CityLan Russian Federation
AS25478 W-IX (iHome) Russian Federation
AS28140 Maxiweb Brazil
AS28210 Sumicity Brazil
AS28250 Telbrax Brazil
AS28338 NB Telecom Brazil
AS28360 WKVE Telecom Brazil
AS28761 CrimeaCom Russian Federation
AS28809 NaukaNet Russian Federation
AS28929 ASDASD Italy
AS29053 TEELFONET Russian Federation
AS29076 Filanco (City Telecom) Russian Federation
AS30941 DTS Systeme Germany
AS31122 Viatel Ireland
AS31210 dtel-ix Ukraine
AS31323 Oyster Russian Federation
AS33843 Interscholz Net Germany
AS34019 Hivane France
AS34043 Internet Security Systems, RO Romania
AS34549 meerfarbig GmbH Co. KG Germany
AS35266 EX Networks Limited (EXN) United Kingdom
AS35598 Inetcom Russian Federation
AS37468 Angola Cables Angola
AS37474 JINX South Africa
AS37668 DINX South Africa
AS39737 Netvision Telecom Romania
AS42695 City Network Hosting AB Sweden
AS42953 INEX Ireland
AS43404 UCAnet Russian Federation
AS43421 DTS Systeme Germany
AS44050 PIN Spb Russian Federation
AS44217 IQ networks Iraq
AS44530 Hopus SAS France
AS48173 The Unbelievable Machine Company GmbH Germany
AS49063 DataLine Russian Federation
AS49505 Selectel Russian Federation
AS50304 Blix Solutions AS Netherlands
AS50673 Serverius Netherlands
AS50952 DATA-IX Russian Federation
AS51000 DTS Systeme Germany
AS51083 Association Grenode France
AS51706 France-IX France
AS52324 CABASE Argentina
AS52332 CABASE Argentina
AS52359 CABASE Argentina
AS52360 CABASE Argentina
AS52374 CABASE Argentina
AS52375 CABASE Argentina
AS52376 CABASE Argentina
AS52403 CABASE Argentina
AS52404 CABASE Argentina
AS52500 CABASE Argentina
AS52508 CABASE Argentina
AS52509 CABASE Argentina
AS52558 Econnect Telecom Brazil
AS52999 Startnet Digital Brazil
AS59428 SEA-IX Russian Federation
AS59432 GINERNET Spain
AS60082 CATNIX Spain
AS60362 alwaysdata France
AS60763 SIBIR-IX Russian Federation
AS61493 InterBS S.R.L. (BAEHOST) Argentina
AS133229 Host Palace Internet Services Netherlands
AS137409 GSL Networks Australia
AS198435 EDX Network France
AS201776 Miranda-media Ltd Russian Federation
AS264415 Maxis Telecom Brazil
AS265110 Hokinet Mexico
AS266196 Brascom Brazil
AS327788 Angonix Angola
AS395089 Hextet Systems Canada
AS396303 Nato Research Ltd. United States Of America
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