Internet eXchangesInternet eXchanges

Usually, traffic exchange point routers have small routing tables consisting of routes from their peers.

AS.Num ISP Name Country
AS1120 VIX Austria
AS2128 INEX IXP Ireland
AS2607 SIX Slovakia
AS3333 RIPE NCC Netherlands
AS3856 Packet Clearing House Multiple
AS4635 HKIX / HKIX2 Hong Kong
AS5459 LINX United Kingdom
AS6695 DE-CIX Germany
AS6730 Switzerland
AS8330 LoNAP United Kingdom
AS8331 RINET Russian Federation
AS8545 PL-IX Poland
AS8579 MT-IX Hungary
AS8631 MSK-IX Russian Federation
AS8695 KS-IX Ukraine
AS8714 LINX United Kingdom
AS8928 Interoute Czech Republic
AS8966 Etisalat EmIX United Arab Emirates
AS9033 ECIX - European Commercial Internet Exchange Germany
AS9439 WIX New Zealand
AS9560 APE-IX New Zealand
AS9650 NZIX New Zealand
AS9722 PIPE Networks Australia
AS10133 TPIX (Taipei IX) China
AS10490 Southern Crossroads (SoX) United States Of America
AS12276 SFMIX (San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange) United States Of America
AS12301 INVITEL Hungary
AS12303 BIX Hungary
AS12779 ITGate Network Italy
AS15645 UA-IX Ukraine
AS20612 SwissIX Switzerland
AS21083 NIX Germany
AS25478 W-IX (iHome) Russian Federation
AS28929 ASDASD Italy
AS31210 dtel-ix Ukraine
AS34209 PLIX Poland
AS37474 JINX South Africa
AS37668 DINX South Africa
AS42953 INEX Ireland
AS42953 INEX Ireland
AS43222 CRIMEA-IX Russian Federation
AS50952 DATA-IX Russian Federation
AS51706 France-IX France
AS52324 CABASE Argentina
AS52332 CABASE Argentina
AS52359 CABASE Argentina
AS52360 CABASE Argentina
AS52374 CABASE Argentina
AS52375 CABASE Argentina
AS52376 CABASE Argentina
AS52403 CABASE Argentina
AS52404 CABASE Argentina
AS52500 CABASE Argentina
AS52508 CABASE Argentina
AS52509 CABASE Argentina
AS59428 SEA-IX Russian Federation
AS60082 CATNIX Spain
AS60763 SIBIR-IX Russian Federation
AS327788 Angonix Angola
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